About RockIt

_DSC0168The dancers

RockIt Dance is a professional rock and metal dance company based in Manchester, UK. Created and run by Emma Bates and Saskia Ravenscroft, with a combined 16 years of dance training, RockIt offers dancers for hire to perform show pieces and choreographed dances specifically to rock and metal music. RockIt Dance are agency represented, by Warble Entertainment.

The style

RockIt choreography is informed by years of developing the RockIt style and brings the whole body to life to reflect the music we dance to. Heavily influenced by modern club and belly dance, we give classic dance styles a modern edge. Our technique combines vigour with grace to complement heavy metal and rock music, and deliver a show that is exciting and enjoyable to watch.

The music

This unique style of heavy metal dancing has been tailored to reflect the power and rebelliousness of rock music. Be it classic rock, grunge, heavy metal, Goth, southern rock, nu metal or thrash, we can dance to it. RockIt dancers have been trained to perform with passion, energy and precision to each carefully choreographed piece so you can expect the best show every time.

What we can do for you

Choose from a selection of show pieces or commission a bespoke performance per your requirements. Our choreographers design complex, visually stunning performance pieces to popular rock and metal songs from signed and independent artists. We can perform a dance to a track of your choice for an event, music video or concert.

RockIt dancers perform in trademark warrior woman costume designed and made exclusively by us. We offer a group of professional dancers to perform at corporate events, parties and alternative fairs. We also have a large group of polished dance students for festivals and large scale events.

Our previous clients include the BBC, Channel 5, Heresy n Heelz plus a selection of corporate and music event providers. Be it a commercial function, private party or music festival, you won’t have seen anything like this.