The Mob Goes Wild – Preparing a student to perform with RockIt.

20140331_180136Back in February a lovely woman called Badja contacted us, asking to hire us to perform at her birthday party in Rebellion Rock Bar in April. Upon discussing the details, Badja confessed that she’d like to perform one of the tracks with us, and asked if this would be possible! We’d never had a request like this before, and the more we thought about it, the more exciting it sounded!

Although Badja had ten years experience in Jive and Tribal Bellydance, she had never taken a class with RockIt, so we knew that learning our style from scratch, in just two months, would be a challenge. However, when I met Badja at her first one to one lesson with me, I knew this was a challenge she could meet! Badja had a natural flair for dancing, and a fierce determination to put in all the necessary practice to fulfil her ambition.

20140423_184637Badja had a choice of fifty or so of our existing RockIt student routines to perform, and after dabbling with the idea of doing Demanufacture by Fear Factory, she instead chose one of the fastest routines we have, to Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence. Badja was adamant this was the routine for her, as she loved the song so much, and something told me that with her determination, she could do it justice!

Learning our style of dance for a performance just two months away meant that Badja had her work cut out, but she approached her task with immense drive and commitment. She practiced every day for months, attending private classes with me, and also training sessions with our performance group. Badja was keeping her performance a secret from most of her friends until the night, and she had an unwavering commitment to making it the best it could be. Along with working on technique and stamina, we also looked at performance skills, including facial expressions and intensity – some of the greatest challenges for many performers!

20140426_224247On the night itself, Badja was understandably very nervous, and had the additional pressure of organising the rest of the entertainment and making sure the party ran as smoothly as possible – not an easy task when you’re talking two bands, and up to 100 guests! This was alongside getting changed into her performance costume, and then having to hide from her guests until she went on stage!

I think Badja would agree that it was all worth it! When she walked out onto the stage with us to perform – looking like the Rock Goddess she is! – we could actually hear her friends gasp! During the whole song, their eyes never left her and everyone cheered her on so loudly it almost drowned out the music! She delivered an immense performance!
The whole process of helping Badja prepare for her big moment was so enjoyable and satisfying, but the performance itself was the biggest rush for me too! Experiencing all her hard work in action, and hearing and seeing all her loved ones enjoy her performance was amazing. Knowing that I, and the rest of RockIt, had helped her to achieve something important to her was an experience I’ll always treasure. I am really going to miss teaching Badja!

Here at RockIt, we love teaching and helping people to realise their performance ambitions, and this particular experience was so amazing, that we are now offering the chance for others to experience it too! Do you have a big birthday coming up? Ever wanted to perform as a Rock Goddess with a group of Metal Warriors? Well, you know where we are!

RockIt Dance

RockIt rehearsing Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence with Badja at Cloud Aerial Arts, Ancoats, April 2014.

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