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RockIt provides rock and metal dance classes and dance workshops for all levels of dancer. Learn to dance well and strong to great music with professional dance teachers.When you learn to dance you get a fantastic workout, a new skill and a sense of achievement. Dance improves fitness and coordination, helping to tone and shape the figure, whilst relaxing the mind.

RockIt Dance uses the whole body providing a lively work out that is challenging and fun. We vary the level of our dance classes to enable dancers of all abilities to learn with us. Students are not expected to have danced before and will be given full instructions on how to dance well and safely by our experienced and insured teachers.

Take the opportunity to attend a fantastic rock and metal dance lesson; details of our next public workshop is as follows:

Name of course: Belly of the Beast

Date and time: Saturday 8th August 2015, 11am – 2pm

Venue: Cloud Aerial Arts, Ancoats, Manchester

Price: £20

Suitable for: All abilities

Spaces: 20

Teacher: Emma

Experience: 5 years with RockIt, 10 years in belly dance (UK, Cyprus, Argentina)

In this three hour workshop you will learn a variety of RockIt Dance moves, including:

– Pelvic rolls
– Camels
– Hip drawing
– Chest rolls
– Lift & tilt
– Stances
– Hip circles
– Arm positioning

What is RockIt Dance?

– Combines metal/club dance, belly dance and African tribal
– Large, energetic and fun to perform

Why should I go to this workshop?

– Build core strength and muscle
– Improve flexibility and posture
– Get an introduction to RockIt Dance
– Nail those moves you’ve practiced in previous RockIt classes
– Want to dance with confidence in clubs? This will help!
– The style is transferable to other dance forms

Will I be able to do this dance course? Will I keep up?

Whether you’re new to dance, a RockIt regular or a dancer from another form, this workshop is suitable for all abilities, sizes, shapes and experience.

*** Join the workshop and get a discount on the next 8 week RockIt course in October! ***

How do I pay?

Please make the payment via PayPal to ohcheekycheeky@gmail.com

Where are the classes being held?

Cloud Aerial Arts – Ancoats, Manchester – cloudaerialarts.co.uk

Wellington House
Pollard Street East
M40 7FS

If you have a question about what you’ll learn during the dance course, please email info@rockitdance.co.uk.

You can also hire RockIt Dance to teach a workshop, dance class or course throughout the UK.

RockIt dance teachers also offer private dance tuition at a time and place to suit you.

One to one sessions dedicate time to forming a solid understanding of rock and metal dance upon which the student can build their skills with confidence. Our tutors plan dance lessons around the individual student, taking into consideration their ability and aims.

Private RockIt lessons are available to complete beginners and existing dancers wanting to learn new skills. Prices start at £25 per hour including access to online teaching resources.

To book a private RockIt dance lesson please click here.